Minion Overview:

These cruel critters are servants of the dark forces, dedicated to promoting the spread of evil and who assist players in their trademark, charmingly chaotic style. With the last Overlord gone, the minions, under the command of their wise old master, Gnarl, perform an ancient nefarious ritual to create four Netherghūls – champions of darkness, created from the dead remains of suitable evildoers. With these nefarious ne'er do wells the minions hope to push back the plague of goodness (known as The Golden) that’s overrun the lands, kick start the return of evil, and ultimately, bring back the Overlord! Which of the four Netherghūls, Gnarl ponders, is up to the task?

  • Summon Your Minions:Collect Minion Energy Cubes to build up your supply of minions, summon them with simple button presses and let their deliciously destructive chaos loose on the world!
  • Build Your Mighty Minion Champions:Over the course of the game, players can upgrade their minions to make them increasingly more powerful and destructive.
  • Customise Your Minion Army:Unlock wearable items for your minion troops. Who doesn’t want to see their minions charging into battle sporting a chef’s toque or a dandy cavalier’s hat? Exactly!